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Soloist Seatrials

Hello Chris, Wanted to drop you an update on that ridiculously sick Soloist you shaped for me. Had it out a few times this week when the swell was building but wind was killing it. It was still a fun board and I was happy. Winds were sweet and offshore today so I took her out for a three session run, and holy shit man. That board is an instant game changer. She's as fast down the line as my little Super potato chip, holds a line like the rails were made of glue, turns on a dime, rebounds speed like I've never known, finds space in the flats where most boards sputter, and rips back up the face like it knows where it's going. She does NOT respect that 3 paddle grom quick turn-n-drop, but she'll move with great speed when you dig deep, catch up to the wave, and carry it through to the drop. All that volume makes duck diving a... let's call it tricky... but when you go about it like a man there's no worries. Seriously changed my surfing more in one day than I've progressed in years. I was surfing like I wanted to, like I've always wanted to. Smooth, aggressive, with flow and power. One wave, maybe a light stomach high right line, I maxed out 4 smooth perfect carves - open face back to the whitewater and back out. Easy peasy. My top-to-bottom game skyrocketed. I'm beyond impressed and totally in love. Already looking forward to the next swell, and planning the next board with you (I'm thinking a barrel crushing, round-tail thruster for chasing big swell and travel - like an OBX / Nica board - I'm calling a 'hand gun' in my head... It'll be a while till I can pull that trigger though). Thanks for helping me feel like a surfer again. Zac

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