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Surfboards By Chris Birch Accelerator Mo


Pictured 6' 4" Nose: 15 3/4" Center: 21 3/4" Tail: 17"

#1 seller... this is the model I ride. Generates speed with ease, works well in 2 ft.-overhead surf. Comes with my quad fin set.


Pictured 6' 2" Nose: 15 7/8" Center: 21 1/2" Tail: 17 1/2"

Same outline as the 'Accelerator', but with a fish tail. Can be ordered as a twin, tri or Quad fin (preferred.)

Surfboards by Chris Birch Accelerator II Model
Surfboards by Chris Birch Afishionado Model


My most 'Retro' fish outline. Wide template combined with flatter rocker and thickness throughout, allows the rider to go shorter than his everyday board.

Pictured 5' 8" Nose:18 1/8" Center: 21 1/2" Tail: 17 1/4"


Pictured 5' 2" Nose: 19" Center: 21 1/2" Tail: 17 1/2"

Mini-Simmons influenced... for the surfer who wants to push the limits of shortness. Can be ordered as twin or quad fin.

Surfboards by Chris Birch Sweet Pea Model
Surfboards By Chris Birch Element Model


Pictured 5' 8" Nose: 14" Center: 20 3/8" Tail: 15 7/8"

Rocket Fish outline, based off of my love for Mark Richard's twin-fins of the 1980's. Can be ordered as twin, tri or quad fin.


Pictured 9' 4" Nose: 19 5/8" Center: 23 1/4" Tail: 14 5/8"

More emphasis on cruising and noseriding. Wider throughtout than the 'Chauffeur'.


Pictured 9' 1" Nose: 18 1/8" Center: 22 1/2" Tail: 14"

Combines performance longboarding with nose-ridability. Great all-around longboard!


Pictured 7' 8" Nose: 18 1/4" Center: 21 3/4" Tail: 14 1/2"

The ease of paddling and wave catchability of a longboard in a shorter version of the 'Chauffeur'.


Pictured 7' 2" Nose: 16 3/4" Center: 21 5/8" Tail: 14 1/2"

Classic outline, flatter rocker makes for a smooth easy ride... Just plain fun!


Pictured 6' 4" Nose:14" Wide Point: 20 1/2" Tail:14 1/2"

'Old School' slightly forward outline with modernized rocker and thickness flow. Versatile outline, can be ordered with any fin set-up.


Pictured 6' 0" Nose: 11 3/4" Center: 19 1/2" Tail: 15"

My standard 'Performance' thruster comes with single to double concave bottom.

Surfboards by Chris Birch Rabble Rouser Model
Surfboards by Chris Birch Velocity Model


Pictured 6' 3" Nose: 12 1/2" Center: 20 1/2" Tail: 16 1/4"

I've been building this model since the early 1990's. Extreme down the line speed.

Surfboards by Chris Birch Soloist Model
Surfboards by Chris Birch Cousin Dupree Model
Surfboards by Chris Birch Mini Chauffeur Model
Surfboards by Chris Birch Chauffeur Model
Surfboads by Chris Birch Buford Stick Model


Pictured 9'6" Nose: 17" Center: 23" Tail: 16"

This single fin longboard is designed to turn well of the tail and nose ride in the pocket. Its fast and responsive which adds a modern touch to this classic inspired board.

Surfboards by Chris Birch Garrett Spencer Model
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