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I hate this effin board!!!

Sent to: surfer magazine forum

It has systematically killed my whole quiver, it's all I want to ride, except for the LB on those soft/weak, knee to thigh high days.

I have already sold off my 7'0" Egg to a good friend because this board catches waves just as well if not better, and is so much more nimble under foot.

I'm looking at my 6'3" Twinzer right now thinking when is the next time I'm going to take this out? My answer is probably not anytime soon. I'm either going to throw it up on the wall in my workout room, or it's going on CL.

The only board that is safe right now besides the LB is the 6'6" Coil just because it is great for those hollow/close out days, and a good travel board for good surf. If I take both boards to the beach I know the Accelerator will come out the bag 1st, even if common sense says grab the Coil.

For the record I'm going to turn 53 in a couple of months, 6'1", 185lbs and I'm in good shape. Unfortunately I can tell my skills are starting to deteriorate, I can't stay out as long as I used to, and I'm not as quick on my feet. If I would have ordered this board 4 years ago it would be a 5'10" - 6'0".

This board catches waves as easy as a middle length, feels so nice laying it over on rail for a carve, and has the perfect name because when I need it to go, it goes like a Banshee!

I was on a quad kick a few years ago but gravitated back to thrusters because I felt they gave me more control and turned better top to bottom than a quad. The way this board is setup and the way I surf, I don't feel any disadvantages.

I know it's the Indian not the Arrow, but it helps if you have a straight Arrow to start out with, and this board is definitely a straight Arrow!


If you want to carve, just lean over.

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